Thursday, October 30, 2014

New Vogue Patterns: Winter/Holiday 2014

Let's start with the good.

Vogue 1424
I absolutely adore this dress! I love the strappies, those pleats (swoon!), and even the color. With all the seams it seems fairly straightforward how to adjust for a larger bust too! I know the strappies have gotten mixed reviews, but I'm firmly team strappies.

Vogue 1421
Oh man alive I love that seaming! Other than the weird, fun seaming, that's a pretty simple dress. I want to make it in scuba something fierce!

Okay, the others:

Vogue 1423
Ok, I'm off team strappies. If you left off that underlayer, this would be a very chic dress for your next BDSM soiree.

Vogue 1426
I want to pull her bodice up for her. That's some super dated stuff guys.

Vogue 1428
Helen Mirren would look hot in this. No joke, Helen Mirren is hot.

Vogue 1425
Anyone else want to cut this off and make a top? Cause I do, bad. Otherwise its a fairly boring shape.

Vogue 1427
She's going out on the town with ruffle-lady. They're on the prowl!

Vogue 1422
Again a pretty, if dull dress. Gorgeous fabric. If Michelle Obama hasn't worn this yet, she ought to.

Vogu 1420
I do love a good wrap bodice, even a mock-wrap is ok. The finishing on this dress looks like it was finger-pressed and stapled. This style needs to be sharp.

Vogue 9046
I don't even know about this one. I love and hate the slight 40's-50's style. Removing the sleeves might bring this towards a more modern aesthetic. The pleats are beautiful, but there are so many it looks like a corset. The v-neck is very elegant.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Quilt #3

I made my first quilt when I was about 10 and quiltmaking spread like wildfire through our sewing classes. After that I had no desire to quilt ever again. It was kinda like the time I got it into my head I wanted to make a teddy bear. I ended up gluing his arms and legs on. Over it.

Then while persuing the magazine rack I saw quilty, specifically quilty winter 2012, specifically the quilt 'Burgoyne, with Red', and I was mesmerized. Seriously, quilts are beautiful pieces of art, decorating your life AND keep you warm. I'm now completely hooked! I have every quilty since that issue and a few other magazines, follow quilting blogs, am starting quite a collection of quilting notions, and even bought a quilting class on craftsy. Bring it on, baby!

Quilt #1 was that little thing I made when I was 10. Quilt #2 was a wall hanging I made for my amazing in-laws last Christmas which was more of an appliqued horse and quilted landscape picture. Quilt #3 is the first proper quilt, piecing, backing, and binding.

The pattern is 'Hello, Handsome' by Nancy Downey from quilty, March 2014 and might have been a bit ambitious for my first proper quilt, but hell, it turned out ok. The second, nay, the MILLISECOND after I quilted it I ordered a walking foot because quilting it was hell.


That's the only picture of the back you get because the quilting blows. I added some extra blocks to the back, I'm not sure if I like the effect.

 I've already learned a lot about quilting so despite my incredible lack of quilting acumen, most of my points lined up! There were only about 3 majors misalignments. I decided to do stitch-in-the-ditch quilting because piecing is so pretty that I worry that putting thread all over it will mess it up. I need to get over that fear fast!

I ended up giving this to a person who did me a huge favor for me, but I'm going to make it again because I love it so much. And here I swear: every point will line up and I will be more adventurous in quilting.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Confessional

I never sweep or vacuum my threads. I find them at work, in my car. I've even found them still on me in another country after flying for 10 hours.

From a post from a thread from the edge about the troubles of bamboo batting. Good to know as I'm working on my 4th quilt right now!

Forgive me.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pattern Review: Burdastyle Karl Lagerfeld Mini Skirt

My recent schedule is conducive to neither sewing nor blogging as its following the order of LA-Chile-Boston-LA-Chile-Boston-LA. I now even have platinum status on American Airlines -early boarding, overhead bag space like a pimp, free MCE seats. Don't know what MCE means? Up to 6" more extra legroom in that smelly, dry metal tube palace of comfort.

Whenever I'm not hurdling over the equator at unnatural speeds, I try to sew. One of those projects was based off of this picture that I pinned.

Happy Endings, loved that show!
The pattern I decided on was Burdastyle's Karl Lagerfeld miniskirt, based solely on Karl's name and the awesome skirts ladies before me had made (looking at you, Delphine!). This is my version.

Well those look nothing alike.

This was my first burdastyle pattern. I did not like it. Bad instructions, bad pattern pieces, no seam allowances, choke me now. I tried to put in the front fly zip, but the zipper was so big, like I had bit(?) outlined on the front of the skirt (really trying not to be google-able for weirdos!). NOT a good look. So I ripped that out and put in my first exposed zip. The new problem is that whenever I sit down the zipper bulges out like a dude's....oh you know. I did not take a picture of that for you, sorry. What I do love about this skirt though are the snaps. This is the first time I've used and installed snaps. I used the Snapsetter, love that thing! Close up, no bulges, I promise.

The elasticized waist gives everything a good fit.

I used Mood's eco twill which I bought wayyyyyy over a year ago (come on girl, get your ass in gear!). The fabric has a nice color and sheen, but it didn't want to press sharply. I trusted the description about it not needing a prewash because I'm all about the eco-save-water-stuff. It worked! You don't need to prewash! If you need a good solid, basic eco twill, go for this stuff.

All in all, I don't like this skirt much. I need to accept that the high-waisted silhouette is not for me, and nor are man bulges.

So, my hands are in my pockets in all these pictures, but I'm engaged! I'm so happy and you bet your bananas that I'll be making my own dress!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Confessional

I didn't know that sewing machines were supposed to be regularly serviced until I started following sewing blogs. I still haven't taken mine in.

Hey, that's my machine. Beautiful stitches!

Forgive me.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New McCalls Patterns: Fall 2014

AKA when women are encouraged by the powers that be to embrace their inner catholic school girl. Hit me baby one more time...

McCalls 7022

I like how they choose the longest skirt to showcase here, trying to minimize the Britney comparisons. I see right through you McCalls!!! Its Britney, bitch.

McCalls 7014
Its nice when a school offers you more than one uniform option. The school of McCalls. Want to hear a funny (sad) story? My middle school required uniforms in the form of shirts. While my mom and I were waiting to buy my clothes for the next two years, the oh so well organized school ran out of all shirts, but white, X-large, short sleeve. So my uniform for a few months of middle school hell were two X-large white shirts, one with a huge margarine stain on the front. When black, medium shirts were finally offered again it was a revelation. I wonder why I wasn't cool...

McCalls 7025
Designer Joi! I can't not say this without using jazz hands. Designer Joi! Those fabrics (together, apart?) are hideous. Its already a coat with a lot of stuff, it didn't need 1980's fabrics too.

McCalls 7017
Designer Joi! The ruffle on that shirt is ugly and the bellybutton slit in the shirt is making me twitch. Designer Joi doens't have a singular POV, does she? Those are two very different patterns.

McCalls 7016
Giant shawl collars look so dated, not my style.

McCalls 7021
Hey, that's cute! The beads certainly make it, but its a good base! The peplum isn't too puffy, this is great!

It even comes with a mullet peplum, that's fine. That's all, right?
Oh no, they added another peplum layer, not a great decision. That is the end right? Right?!?!

Oh dear god the peplums are taking over....
Really why stop here McCalls. Why not 4,5,6? Can't look much uglier than this and the peplum pieces are likely just rectangles.

McCalls 7018
The collar's kind of sad-droopy, but I'd wear this. I like ruched sleeves and tabs as long as the buttons are functional so I can iron the creases out. Wait, the sleeve is gathered in the tab in this picture and not in the line drawing. I hate when the actual garment in the envelope isn't what is on the envelope. Anyone else run into this? Simplicity seems to be the biggest violator of my trust.

McCalls 7026
This is an exercise outfit, I get that. Is that thing on the back supposed to be wings and a homage to Hermes? Running fast and stuff. Because that would be kind of cute. If not, what were they thinking? Also, lace butt ruffle, no. Just no.

My favorite pattern in this run is McCalls 7019. When I first saw it in the thumbnail, well, see for youself.

Oh that's cute, McCalls is making skating costumes.

Oh dear, those are pants.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Confessional

I know you are supposed to listen to music or podcasts when you sew, but I like to watch trashy reality TV shows. Preferably reruns of one that went off the air a few years back which stared three ladies and their octogenarian boyfriend.

Forgive me.