Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pattern Review: Briar by Megan Nielsen

I've always wanted a red t-shirt, isn't that cute? I was 9-or-so and I went to a birthday party and one of the other girls had a red shirt and I thought she looked so cool. I tried to make a red-T in high school, but it was one of the first times I worked with knits and the pattern was all wonky, so I tossed it. Not before trying to pawn it off on my BFF because I was hoping it was just my body being wonky, but it was wonky on her too. So I'm 28 and wearing my first successful red t-shirt. What a novella about a silly little shirt!

Well aren't I too hot to trot? Briar is a fairly trendy top, but its been out for a while I don't feel like a fashion victim in it, so maybe it isn't actually too trendy. The pattern is really nice, well done. I like the font on the pattern pieces, like Megan drew the pattern just for me. The instructions were well done too, very clear, but it is just a T so there's nothing complicated. I actually reduced the hem by a couple of inches all around and now it hits the perfect spot in the front and and the mullet isn't too long. 

Seeing how this shirt was nearly 20 years in the making I went all out and bought red serger thread since my serger was going to be prominently featured in sewing the knit together. It looks really nice on the inside, EXCEPT I was worried about ripply hems so I interfaced the hems. Now the hems flip out all the time and all you see is white interfacing. The best laid schemes of mice and men.....

That's my short hair after a nap.
So how do you keep twin-needle hems from flipping out? I'm thinking I need wider set twins, any ideas?

The fabric is organic cotton jersey from Mood, here. It has no lycra and in my opinion not enough drape for the mullet style. Can you see how it sticks out from my hips? Briar needs something drapier. Also I think some lycra content would be better because over time the neckline has stretched out and rippled something fierce. 

I now have the power to make all the red t-shirts in all the world. If my 9-year-old self could see me now.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Well, shizz

Oh man, its been a long time. I've been dealing with a big change in my life. I left grad school. I knew grad school was going to be hard, but it was difficult in ways that I never expected. Sexism is still prevalent in science and its something that as a woman you constantly have to deal with. What I wasn't prepared for was being physically threatened, harassed, and stalked and the excuses the administration gave when I asked for help. I've learned a lot about how to handle myself and what I will never allow to happen to me again, but I won't lie, I'm a bit disillusioned with the human race which makes me sad. Good news, my adviser (not affiliated with the school) hired me so I'm staying in the science that I love. I'm working at a great place, with great people, doing great work, and hell, I have a Masters if the paperwork ever goes through. And I'm going to start blogging again!

I'm getting back to sewing, so without further ado...