Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Sewing Patterns: Vogue Holiday 2012

While I try to get my actual sewing into displayable condition I will relentlessly mock Vogue's newest offerings to the community.

Vogue 1326
Jester-chic! Maybe if this didn't have the top pink panel and just have a v-neck, it would be better. Someone tried to dress up the color blocking trend and this what happened. Also, I try not to discuss the models, but her hand looks like a claw! I'm going to moisturize now.

Vogue 1327
Pouchy belly alert! Why oh why would you gather right at the belly and only at the belly. The amount of times that sewing patterns employ gathering is ridiculous. Much like 'more cowbell' of the music world, 'more gathering' is the war cry of the Big4.

This is super cute if the bodice went straight down into a skirt or it was just a shirt, but I have one major problem after that. This would be MURDER to iron! Even the line drawing is wrinkled and that's saying something. One of the recommended fabrics is linen, are you kidding me?

Vogue 1328

I dub thee, 'This is my pubic area' dress. Yeah, can't stop looking now, can you? This is a perfect example of a Vogue dress, little chic, rather conservative, with a couple of boring details. LOVE the purple though! And hey, has anyone noticed that last three have been rendered in SOLID fabrics and ok poses?!?! Its like they're listening.

Vogue 1329
Hey, that's cute! Now that's color blocking done right! The line pattern claims there are pleats at the side, but I wouldn't know. Pleats at the side, also employed nearly as much as pouchy belly gathering. Need proof? See previous pattern.

Vogue 1330
Seriously? Its a slip dress with two rectangles stapled to the sides.

Vogue 1331
That's hideous, its looking at me.

Vogue 8846
Really pretty and very chic and for once, a patterned fabric was the absolute perfect choice to present this pattern with. Brava Vogue! I love the simple front, the neckline, and the pleat in the back, totally wearable, but totally special.

Vogue 8847
Ok, this has been done before, but it looks like a nice pattern. I like the detail of the hem (is that like the smallest detail to like or what?). Like the gathered sleeves (yes, gathering can be used for good and not just evil). Neckline's nice, self belt is nice. I think that model was on ANTM a million years ago. If she was was, I'm going to be sad that that info has stuck around in my head this long, there's more important stuff that should be in there.

Vogue 8849
Tail, TAIL, TAIL!!!!

Vogue 8848

Nice side panels, but I have other patterns that I already want to used for paneling. Its fine. Jeez, there were a lot of patterns in this release.

Vogue 8853
I can't...Boob curtains....Body curtains....Spindly little sleeves.......Bow

Vogue 8855
You know that Christmas advent calenders where you open one window each day, counting down until Christmas and you get a little prize for each day? That's what this looks like to me.

Or maybe this is supposed to be tiny billboards. I would need an Exxon or McDonald's logo to transfer into there. The back panel could be a digital print of the open road. Route 66!

Oh the ideas!

Two fly swatters, the back is just tons of bugs....Maybe I should stop while I'm ahead.

Vogue 8854
Running the kids to school before yoga-wear if I've ever seen it.

Vogue 8857
Ruffly chests, the third most employed detail after belly gathers and side pleats.

Vogue 8859
I hate leggings unless you are wearing them under pants in sub-zero temperatures, so this is obviously a no go. But you have to check out the rest of the pictures for this pattern. The model is wearing the same pants in each picture, but they change the shoes each time. Why?

Vogue 8863
I love big coats with elbow-length sleeves that have smaller sleeves sticking out. I hate the rest of this pattern.

Vogue 8845
80's, super 80's. What's on her head? Something's off with the lapel, help me out? Is that a skull? So many questions.

Vogue 8860
I really really like this! The hood, swingy shape, minimalistic details, color blocking. Its fab! Yup, fab.

Vogue 8861
This would really fall apart without a belt. If you have to rely on a belt to make something cute, something is wrong. I like the collar.

Vogue 8862
Ok, this seems to have a lot of detail, but its all black and hard to see. PS, don't match you tights and you bag. Nononononono!

Vogue 8865
Why didn't they finish this? The pieces are falling off!

Vogue 8866
Wow, Vogue always really grasps towards the end, don't they? Hideous, all around. That is a powerful peplum and those are the worst pants ever. Don't match your lipstick, shoes, and bag.

Now for my final two favorite patterns, I'm so excited for these!

Vogue 1332

I love this! I really really do! Does it look like the outer protective shell of a beetle? Why yes it does, a FABULOUS beetle! Love the beetle shape, everyone needs more round coats in their lives. The collar is awesomely huge and shoulder has a intriguing shape. Obviously, I love that it has sleeves that seem to extend from the main body (see above). I love you beetle coat.

Vogue 1335
This is going to be perfect the next time I need to sew myself a straight jacket or a great jumping off point for a Rebel Alliance ice world Hoth uniform. What-the-what-the-who-the-how-the-why-oh-why?


Thank you Leia.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I'm back!

I'm back from my trip and sewing away. While I get some stuff ready to public consumption, enjoy this beautiful picture from a beautiful dawn in the wonderful country of Chile.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Independent Patterns

So looking at the Big-4 patterns lately has made me really appreciate the independent pattern creators. The patterns are generally simple, but modern and needed in the sewing universe. The Big-4 seem to go one of two ways with their patterns, over complicated and over wrought or a rehash of something simple and boring. Independent patterns are like a breath of fresh air mingled with sewing machine oil.

Colette Anise

One of the two new offering from Colette and ain't she just the prettiest. I've said in the past I'm not a vintage girl and this definitely has a quality, but with the right fabric I really love it. When I first saw the pink version, I wasn't in love, but the blue transforms it. I'd make it in camel with gold buttons and try to play up a military feel. I think in camel, the peter pan collar would be a little less sweet and a little bit of an interesting juxtaposition. Love the length. Making a companion to go with it as well as a sew along is just too sweet of the designer!

Colette Juniper
Juniper, I want to love you, I really do, but something is off for me. I think its just the fact that its a wide leg, but I really want to wait and see what more people make out of this. I've always thought of myself as someone who'd really like wide-leg pants when presented with a good pair, but I've never had that chance. I've been raised in a low-rise, tight leg world and its hard to come out.

I don't like Hot Patterns that much. Yes I'm making a Hot Patterns jacket right now and that's the exact reason why. I find what's presented on the envelope and what's inside to be two remarkably different things and that's some poor quality. But I'll give some lip service to some of their new stuff that I find interesting.

HP 1140
Hey you can't mess up a bag too much right? I really love this thing, its got a great casual, slouchy shape. I think I can figure out this pattern for myself though.

Love love love love love! I've been dying for a pair of tuxedo pants. I want them cropped, I want them long, I want them tight and loose and in every color with every other color stripe. Now I don't think you have to buy a pattern specifically to get that stripe, some mild changes in most pant patterns could get you a stripe, but if you don't want to and want to try this out, I'd love to see it!

HP 1132
Well that's just sex-on-a-stick, isn't it? If I were to get another HP, this would be it. The shape is amazing and that front panel (not the patchwork thing) is exactly what I've been looking for. Having not seen what actually comes out of the envelope, I'm worried, but there isn't too many places in this pattern for there to be something completely out of left-field (see my anger over my jacket's collar, here). I've need around 50 pencil skirts in my wardrobe for about 3 years now and there are still exactly none, so maybe?

HP 1143
Are you freakin'-frackin' kidding me? That's a glorified two rectangles with some drawstring.

Sewaholic Thurlow
So I'm a little late to the Sewaholic train, but this stuff is great! I need to make a million t-shirts because all of mine are old and holey and the Renfrew top is totally the answer, but that's an older pattern, so here's one of the newer ones. Great traditional pants details and made for ladies with hips, what a concept! The shorts are also supah, dupah cutah. I feel like these would be easy to adjust into a skinnier or bootcutier silhouette pretty easily and I'm dying to see people's creations of these!

Sewaholic Alma
So sweet! I'm not that sweet though. All those sweet girls out there will look so sweet in their Alma's <3

Isn't it interesting to see the different pattern company's styles compared against each other? They all certainly have their niches. I think its wildly important to have an actual picture accompanying your pattern, whether online or onenvelope, you listening to me HP? Those are just the clearest patterns.

Monday, October 8, 2012

New Simplicity Patterns: Winter 2012

So I'm traveling for work again. I'm about 8,000 feet about sea level and up at at 4 in the morning with nary a sewing machine in sight so instead of actually working, I will share my critique of Simplicity's latest offerings with you. Mind you, its 4 in the morning, these will be the ramblings of a crazy woman.

I'm going to start with this one...

Simplicity 1727
Ok, I first wanted to start this with, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? But the more I think about this, the more I philosophize. These types of collars are crazy trendy right now among the crazy trendy. Now follow me, most of the crazy trendy probably don't sew, but if they got the hankering to sew and to sew a decorative collar, they couldn't throw together a collar 'pattern' like you and me, they'd have to use this. Think of this as like a 'first hits free' kinda pattern. So any way to bring innocent people into our fold has got to be commended, right?

Nevermind, this pseudopattern is just crazy-sauce.

Simplicity 1726
Being a cape lover, I am insulted by those calling that blue taffeta monstrosity a cape. That is an ugly. The jacket is unremarkable and so are the shirts, but thank goodness, I will looking for a pattern for an obi belt, I could never have made that on my own.

Simplicity 1718
Oh Project Runway Simplicity, much like the show from which you glean your name, oh the mightly have fallen (Gretchen, Anya?!?!). Those are some of the dowdiest pants and skirts I can imagine. The pattern for that shirt was already made, and made better, by Cythia Rowley.

Simplicity 1716
That dress is cute on the model, but on my chest would be an unhappily stretched monstrosity. The cowl is ok, but I think I've made my thoughts on cowls pretty clear in the past.

Simplicity 1715
I think the 'Amazing Fit' concept is quite smart, it allows people a beginner approach to fitting patterns to their bodies than to jump in whole hog. Gotta say though, that is one dowdy dress.

Compare this pattern envelope to the Project Runway pattern envelope. The clarity on this is just lightyears better.

Simplicity 1717
Hey, that's kinda cute! Love the A-line and the pockets!

Ok, I was kinda coherent right? Join me tomorrow night for crazy late night-early morning ramblings of a sewing machine-less sewing blogger.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Project Update: Wedding Blanket

Oh boy, oh boy! The body of the wedding blanket is done!

And its only over two months late.....

Its huge, its about a 5.5'x5.5' square and I'm still trying to convince myself that its blue and coral and not blue and red/orange. Now I just have to add the border, I had to buy an extra skein because it turned out so darned big and I didn't think that one skein would make it around all the edges. In that vein, Jimmy Beans Wool has a really really nice customer service, super fast shipping, and are my yarn suppliers when I can't get to my LYS when I'm out visiting my parents. They also have really cute pictures of their dogs and dog lovers need to be supported.