Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Vogue Patterns: Summer 2012

The new Vogue's are here! Now I have more patterns than I will be able to make in a lifetime, but I'm a greedy greedy sewist and want more.You know SABLE (stash accumulation beyond life expectancy)? I suffer from PABLE.

Let's start with the good.

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!!! Will I wear this full outfit? No, no, a thousand times no. Not because I don't think its chic as hell, I just don't have anything to wear it to. The cut of the top is gorgeous and its BIAS cut! So is the skirt. I need a chic as hell event.
Side note: This is a pretty close rip-off of the style of a Jill Sander design by the future head of Christian Dior, Raf Simons. 
Wanna look like Bosworth or the supreme dresser Tilda Swinton? Now you can! 1310 is easily my favorite look of this release even if I only use it for the supremely simple and perfect top.

Color blocked, neon, AND different cuts for bust size?! Those sleeves look a little low, but that can be fixed and you have to make sure that its got some nip at the waist, but I love this one too. Totally on trend, but they are trends that have been out there for a while so sew quick, before they're gone! Unless you don't care about trends and just like it, then sew at your leisure and enjoy it for years. Its probably the better path anyway. Also, think about the use of lace or mesh for the top block. I am.

Bias cut and drop waist. Different bust sizes again? I love me a drop waist, the 20's had some fan-freakin-tabulous fashions. Different neckline and back variations, but I like this one best. Too bad I have nowhere to wear this to. Ahhhhhh..........
First let's get something out of the way. 
Good? Ok.
Hey, its another Chanel jacket. Someday I plan to make one. This is another option.

Plain top, might have some nice lines and panels. The option of a sheer back panel is interesting. Probably never going to worry myself with this one.

Also great for stepping up huge imaginary stairs.

Peplum is a another big trend that's coming up and this might be a flattering version of it. Good 'cake' pattern.
Now onto the ok patterns. Comme ci, comme ca.

There's something going on on the front but its not clear in the line drawing or on the model due to the pattern. Vogue makes bad designs with their samples, at least their modeling is a little better this time around. Square necklines look like bibs to me. Back's ok.

Straight posing and a solid color. Hey, I can understand this pattern! Love a good ruffle, don't love a shapeless fit. We'll see.

I dare you to draw the lines of this without cheating. Typical Vogue pattern.

Someone catch her!!! Typical Vogue pattern.

Well that's a little different. Kinda like it, kinda wildly unflattering. Maybe if you couldn't see the center seam running down her body?

An assortment of t-shirts. Everyone needs t-shirts. Not sure how flattering though. This one looks like the model accidentally go the fabric stuck underneath her boobs. Embarassing!

Jumpsuits. If they look good on your, then more power to you babe. At least its not strapless.

Ah, sporty and cute. Anything with a high neck like that now reminds me of Alexander McQueen.

 If you want to make a casual McQueen, this might be your ticket!

Finally, things I think are particularly hideous/hilarious.

I though we were over this style. Its not flattering. It makes your boobs look like a frown. Boobs should smile!

Burqa sundress. Check out the line drawing for this, hilarious and horrifying. 

Tiffany, can I call you Tiffany? What are you doing with your hand? Also your dress is crazy unflattering and you have diaper-butt.

A hooded maxidress with a front zip!?! I was just saying that I needed one of these.

Quack. Enough said.
Ok, maybe I should explain myself. The back of that skirt looks butt feathers on a duck. She looks like a duck.

Dance to the music in your head, girlfriend!


Why is this reaching towards me? No, go away spectral demon, I will never wear you!


Let's end with something chic as hell.

 Ah, that's better.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Independent Patterns: Jamie Christina

I ran across Jamie Christina patterns when I was looking for the perfect maxidress patten. We'll get to that later.

And alright pattern. Very good for beginners as it will look good in easy crisp cottons. 

Shirring, I hate shirring. Down with all shirring. Nice if you like shirring. 

Lovely sundress, the piping adds a nice touch. Love the white and black version on the site.

Retro apron, kill me now, I LOVE IT! This needs to be made in black and white polka dots with a giant white bow. Plus it has pockets, although I've never used my pockets while cooking. Has anyone actually used pockets white cooking?
Jamie Christina also makes the Palooza and Pretty Ditty aprons. Check those out if you need n+1 aprons.
The hooded scarf. I can't decide if this is genius or ridiculous. Good if its raining and your gorgeous wool coat doesn't have a hood cause it would have totally ruined the 60's vibe you were going for! Sorry, tangent. I like it in the darker blue on the website better, looks less like a pair of sweatsuit pants that you've wrapped around your head. 
Chic as hell. And I love being able to sew gloves instead of knitting. Double pointed needles are evil. So is the magic loop (sorry Kelly!). BUT....
Fingerless gloves are the most impractical things on this green Earth. Any time you are going to wear gloves its because it is cold and you're going to want to keep those long, thin phalanges warm cause they are the first thing to go in a chilly wind.
Still, chic as hell. Maybe you can wear gloves underneath, that's practical, right?
First of all, love the name. Second of all, love me a good cape. Wonderfully impractical, would go well with the Dalliance gloves!
Now we get to the meat of the matter.
This is (as far as I can tell) the most recent pattern to the J.C. line and you can tell. Its perfection. The flare at the bottom is crazy feminine and the collar is adorable. Want this in every color, want this color blocked. Want want wan.
  Bow down all, this is the perfect maxidress. The big pattern companies can stop trying to make sad interpretations and the little pattern companies can focus on other things cause this is it. And the pattern includes how to make a simple racer-back shirt. All hail Jamie Christina.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cake and frosting

Came across this blog post and I LOVE it because its exactly my problem. Way too much frosting, not enough cake. In other words, why do I sew things, and spend my money and time sewing things, that I will wear a couple of times (MAYBE!) and then sit in my closet for eternity? Its infuriating! I rarely wear high-waisted, brocade skirts, but that's the last thing I made. At least I decided not to make the brocade minidress cause that would get far less circulation than the skirt.

I'm about to leave on a 6 week trip, taking me to a mountaintop in Chile and then onto Los Angeles. Brocade skirts will not make the packing list for the one piece of luggage. Highly washable and interchangeable t-shirts and jeans will make the cut. This is why, back in January, when I was on another trip, this time to Austin, TX, and I wore my supernice, but very difficult to wash Anthropologie sweater to a BBQ place and then realized I couldn't wear it again on the trip cause it smelled like a smokehouse, that my resolution was to amass not only a streamlined, washable set of travel outfits, but to sew a streamlined, washable set of travel outfits. This requires lots and lots of cake.

My profession is not a frosting profession. The men wear cargo shorts and birkenstocks, the women wear jeans and T's. If I wear a skirt or a dress to work, I invariably get asked, "laundry day." And yes, a lot of the time it is in fact laundry day. But that's not how I want to present myself, I want a little bit of frosting, I want some fun. So I propose cake patterns with frosting fabrics or vice versa. For example, I think Sencha is a fairly cake pattern.

but doll Sencha up in some neon yellow print and


Throw that on with some skinny jeans, nice sandals, and a bracelet and its remarkably appropriate for my job! And hey, its washable too. Its cake and just the right amount of frosting.

Frosting dress pattern, but in basic black or gray (washable!), it's got some cake too. An easy blazer hides the cutout back until its dessert time.

So that's my goal for the next many months. Make some cake, apply a little frosting. Unfortunately, I'll be 3,000-5,000 miles away from home and a sewing machine for 6 weeks so it'll be put on hold, but the goal is there. 

Its baking one might say. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New patterns: Collette!

Yea! New Collete! I've been waiting since I saw the blog teasing them a few days ago.

I love Lily! The fit is wonderful on the model, I only hope that I can recreate it on my body. It has pockets and cute pockets at that with the lovely contrast fabric. Thank goodness its not strapless. Also lovely in one fabric all the way through. Lily is my favorite of the summer line.

I like the V-shaped seam on the bodice and the way its played with pattern, but the gathered skirt is not made for my body.

A nice pair of shorts. Not too short and a side zip, yea side zip! Love the option of side buttons, gives a cute little sailor look. If I need shorts, its between Collette and Pattern Runway and its going to be a brutal fight.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

New McCalls Patterns: Summer 2012

McCalls released its new Summer 2012 sewing patterns last week and I have opinions.

So Fashion Star. I got through 30 min before I turned it off and vowed never to watch it again. It was worthless. The 'designs', a word I use loosely here, were extremely basic lines jazzed up in prints and colors. When prints and colors are the only thing making your clothes special, its not good (please not, not saying print and colors can't make something special, but when its your only trick, you're a one trick pony). Its supposedly a design competition. There was none of that. Also what was up with the motorcycles?

Low and behold, to counter Simplicity's relationship with Project Runway, McCalls launched Fashion Star patterns.

Ok, a basic tank dress with a giant sleeve. I like how in the line drawings, if the model put her arm down, her giant sleeve would drag on the floor. Fashion Star, the dress that mops!
 Fashion Star, the sundress whose neckline can double as a summer turtleneck.

Fashion Star, we rip off all the shitty Project Runway muumuu's that keep winning challenges. Michael C. should sue.

Fashion Star, help me, I like this one. But only because I worship this woman:

Pretty close copy, eh?

Belt it to not look pregnant with a soccer team.

Cute skirt, cheap looking shirt. Pretty sure these patterns already exist.

Trendy dress with the colorblocking. Unfortunately, only flattering to a few figures. McCalls embraces patterns that require very little shaping, usually just bags with with zazz. Also, what's up with the McCalls company, Vogue included, having the models pose to hide the clothes? Just have them stand there like the Vitruvian Man, its what we need.

Kinda the same as 6554, right?

What does this dress look like? I don't know. Except maybe what it looks like in a windstorm.

Ugliest thing in the world. At least the other muumuu has some sex appeal. Also concerned that the model got 5 months pregnant in the course of 3 minutes of modeling. 

Crazy simple tank dress. The racer back is better than the not.

Also, do this look...
 a lot like this?

Super cute! And it comes in cup sizes!