Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Vogue Patterns: Fall 2013

This season Vogue went rather cultured and grand, not my style, I'm still way too immature to pull off that.

Vogue 1361
See, very worldy. Salma Hayek would rock this dress to within an inch of its dressy little life. Also, my, those are some tight sleeves!

Vogue 1365
This is bad. It might just be the fabric choice which is a faux fur, but she has linebacker shoulders, gorilla arms, and a teeny tiny pinhead sticking out the top.

Vogue 1358
And this looks messy, like chunks of fabric were haphazardly taped to her body. If I wore this, I'd rerearranging ruffles all day.

Vogue 1366
I love these pants, but I think they can only be described as below-waist on this long-torsoed model. That top was last worn by Hugh Hefner in 1972.

Vogue 1360
The 'I have to pee, can you speak up?' pose. This dress is fine, nondescript, it would be better if that upside-down 'V' thing were thinner as it shows in the line drawing.

Vogue 1367
The top is gross, but those pants have promise. I've been looking for the perfect traveling on a plane outfit and those look they would be comfortable even if I had to sit next too...oh you don't even want to know what I had to sit next to last flight. Moving on.

Vogue 1362
Bianca is going to cut a bitch and then hide the weapon in her neck pouch.

Vogue 1359
This is Bianca the next day after they've told her they found an unidentifiable woman's body on her 50-acre Hamptons estate. Pure innocence. Also, Biance, the shoulder pleats on your dress make the bodice look very baggy, please don't hurt me.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


I seems like every other sewing blogger out there loves buttons, has the most perfect buttons for every project, and even collects lovely vintage buttons for the next perfect button-garment combination. I envy them.

I hate buttons. I can stand at the local button wall, which is by no means a small button wall, for half an hour trying every damn button with my fabric. And you know, whatever I get still isn't going to be perfect.

Monday, July 1, 2013

I'm running out of fabric!!!!

Somehow I managed to miscalculate the amount of fabric I needed for my jacket. I blame those Project Runway patterns stupid yardage calculations on the back. Oh you want collar D? That 1/5 of a yard. Those cuffs? That'll take 1/3. And the short jacket length? It'll take exactly 29/13ths of a yard. Now figure that out while in the cutting line at the store and you'll be great!
I have everything cut but: one front facing, collar pieces (2), cuffs (4), and pockets (2+flaps). Pockets unfortunately have been given up on. There's no way. The last front facing will have to cut from lining which isn't terrible because it'll be the inner facing when buttoned.
The undercollar (bias cut, dear lord help me) will have to be cut in two pieces with a center seam that my neck will cover, but I can still manage a one piece for the uppercollar. The cuffs, which I absolutely love in the pattern, will have to drastically shortened and the facings will most probably have center seams again.
All I have let is one large piece of wool about one large cat wide and one large cat and a half long and some other randomly size scraps. Keep me in your sewing thoughts.