Saturday, September 29, 2012

Project Update #3: HotPatterns Biker Babe Jacket

I've cut out the outer fabric and starting putting everything together, hooray! All the changes I've made are coming together smoothly and I'm pretty happy.

That's my angry biker babe face (and also how I feel about the collar).
The one thing that I'm really really unhappy about is the collar. I didn't make a muslin of the collar because I though, hey, its a collar, what can do wrong. Giant neck wings that extend past my shoulders is what can go wrong!!!!! Let me remind you of the picture is that is presented to the consumer of what this pattern will look like.

You see the size of that collar (easier to see in the line drawings)? It doesn't even go out past the princess seam. The real collar is 3, III, THREE times the size of that. This is why I hate Hot Patterns. I have 5 of them, I'm made three others plus this one so I think that I've had a feeling for them. While they styles are generally good and intriguing, if they aren't going to put in the time to actually make patterns that represent their visualizations or images that represent their patterns, I don't care to buy them. I don't appreciate being lied to. Also, 'close fitting' my ass. The only reason I thought that this fit earlier was because my chest is bigger than the average bear so it fit there just fine, but the waist is huge according to the measurements for anything that wants to pretend to be close fitting. Liars!

The fabric is fantastic and its going to look really really good. Just with minimal help from the pattern.

Confidential to the people who are googling "hot biker babe" and coming here: I know its happening because google tracks these things and I'm sorry, you must be very confused right now :)

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