Monday, July 1, 2013

I'm running out of fabric!!!!

Somehow I managed to miscalculate the amount of fabric I needed for my jacket. I blame those Project Runway patterns stupid yardage calculations on the back. Oh you want collar D? That 1/5 of a yard. Those cuffs? That'll take 1/3. And the short jacket length? It'll take exactly 29/13ths of a yard. Now figure that out while in the cutting line at the store and you'll be great!
I have everything cut but: one front facing, collar pieces (2), cuffs (4), and pockets (2+flaps). Pockets unfortunately have been given up on. There's no way. The last front facing will have to cut from lining which isn't terrible because it'll be the inner facing when buttoned.
The undercollar (bias cut, dear lord help me) will have to be cut in two pieces with a center seam that my neck will cover, but I can still manage a one piece for the uppercollar. The cuffs, which I absolutely love in the pattern, will have to drastically shortened and the facings will most probably have center seams again.
All I have let is one large piece of wool about one large cat wide and one large cat and a half long and some other randomly size scraps. Keep me in your sewing thoughts.


  1. Oh my goodness you make me laugh!!! I'm sorry for laughing at your pain :)

    "one cat wide by one cat long" lolol!!!

  2. Lovely to see your cat, Reminds me of my baby, Enjoy him they are one in a million.