Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Butterick Patterns: Fall/Winter 2013

50's style patterns have been in style for several years now and I suspect, will remain comfortably there for several more years, the Mad Men effect. Its too bad I don't like them because 50's silhouettes are made for my body, but if I were to go vintage I love the 20's look, the total antithesis of my body type. Ain't that just the way things work. For all you 50's lovin' ladies, Butterick has some fun stuff though!

Butterick 5951
So this has options to remove that shoulder poof and even the sleeves, but as is this is pure Boogie Woogie Buggle Boy of Company B. What would you call that collar, a modified mandarin?

Butterick 5949
 If you are going to use model-sized women, make your sample model-sized, right? Also, iron your shit, Butterick!

Butterick 5953
I can see a lot of women loving this. I like the button detail, not a fan of the boob frames.

Butterick 5962
Another Gertie offering. I suspect there might be some photoshop going on at her waist because that's remarkably sharp.

Butterick 5947
Someone vaguely 50's inspired that I loooove. Kinda like some 50's/Star Trek cadet's totally inappropriate for actually working on a spaceship uniform (obviously have to hack off about a foot of that skirt to keep things on the up-and-up with the Federation). The button detail makes it.

Butterick 5950
Ick, seen it a million times. The pleats on the side of the skirt are heinous.

Butterick 5952
Totally FLOTUS inspired, right? Michelle loves the matching jacket and dress look and she would rock the socks of this pairing. Great fabric.

Butterick 5966
This coat is all class. Love it. Perfection.

Butterick 5955
Stupid unflattering, but I love it. Fun fabric again.

Not a lot for me, but not bad. Nothing too dull as dishwater.

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