Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pattern Review: Burdastyle Karl Lagerfeld Mini Skirt

My recent schedule is conducive to neither sewing nor blogging as its following the order of LA-Chile-Boston-LA-Chile-Boston-LA. I now even have platinum status on American Airlines -early boarding, overhead bag space like a pimp, free MCE seats. Don't know what MCE means? Up to 6" more extra legroom in that smelly, dry metal tube palace of comfort.

Whenever I'm not hurdling over the equator at unnatural speeds, I try to sew. One of those projects was based off of this picture that I pinned.

Happy Endings, loved that show!
The pattern I decided on was Burdastyle's Karl Lagerfeld miniskirt, based solely on Karl's name and the awesome skirts ladies before me had made (looking at you, Delphine!). This is my version.

Well those look nothing alike.

This was my first burdastyle pattern. I did not like it. Bad instructions, bad pattern pieces, no seam allowances, choke me now. I tried to put in the front fly zip, but the zipper was so big, it...um....looked like I had a....um....super-long....male bit(?) outlined on the front of the skirt (really trying not to be google-able for weirdos!). NOT a good look. So I ripped that out and put in my first exposed zip. The new problem is that whenever I sit down the zipper bulges out like a dude's....oh you know. I did not take a picture of that for you, sorry. What I do love about this skirt though are the snaps. This is the first time I've used and installed snaps. I used the Snapsetter, love that thing! Close up, no bulges, I promise.

The elasticized waist gives everything a good fit.

I used Mood's eco twill which I bought wayyyyyy over a year ago (come on girl, get your ass in gear!). The fabric has a nice color and sheen, but it didn't want to press sharply. I trusted the description about it not needing a prewash because I'm all about the eco-save-water-stuff. It worked! You don't need to prewash! If you need a good solid, basic eco twill, go for this stuff.

All in all, I don't like this skirt much. I need to accept that the high-waisted silhouette is not for me, and nor are man bulges.

So, my hands are in my pockets in all these pictures, but I'm engaged! I'm so happy and you bet your bananas that I'll be making my own dress!


  1. Congrats! Marriage is hard work, but it's worth it. :-)

    The skirt is cute, it's been in my mental pattern queue ever since Delphine made it too, but I'm so terribly slow and easily distracted that it hasn't been made up yet. Although it looks like a perfect skirt for winter, so if my local walmart has fleece tights, I might have to move it up. And yes, Burda instructions are tragic. Their patterns are usually pretty amazing, but you're pretty much on your own if you want to sew one. Good if you are advanced, bad if there's a tricky bit you can't quite wrap your head around.

    1. Thank you, we are so excited! Can't wait to see your skirt.