Friday, February 24, 2012

New Simplicity Patterns Spring 2012

Oooooo, have you seen the new patterns? Let's get down to it.

Love the blouson top part, although it shows up in the line drawings better the model.
The other Rowley looks like it would be perfect for a 9-year-old on Easter.

I was really happy when I saw the name Leanne Marshall. She was one of the two most deserving Project Runway winners in the history of the show, the other being Jay McCarroll (there are alot of double letters in his name!). Her patterns on the other hand, leave a little to be desired.
Example 1. Leanne's petals
Leanne was famous for her petals. Her final collection was all petals. They were beautiful and delicate. These are some honkydory petals. They looks like elephant ears hanging off the dress. This is one of the those dresses that will constantly inspire the question: Did you make that? The other dress is an afterthought and I'm a little confused why they chose to put these two dresses together, they don't go at all.

Example 2. 
The yellow dress makes her hips enormous and the blue dress would flatter a linebacker's shoulders.

Disappointed Leanne!

I love this next one!

I admit it, I love mullet hems (ie short in the front, long in the back). I also love the keyhole neckline. The sleeves are lovely. Halter always remind me of the 90's.

So someone at Simplicity really loves to follow the outfits of Duchess Kate, which is fine, but we might as well call the line, "inspired by, Project I REALLY WANNA LOOK LIKE A PRINCESS!!!!"
Seriously, google "Kate Middleton yellow dress" and you'll find it looks remarkably like the following pattern.

Also to note, when she wore this dress, we all came remarkably close to seeing her royal hiney. Weight your hems wannabe princesses!

Finally, I'm a sucker for shirts that tie on the front.

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