Friday, February 24, 2012

Next sewing project!

This should be a fast one.

Making Vogue 8771, a shirt pattern with like, 5 seams total.

I'll be using the most amazing fabric I have ever owned in my life! The stretch wool with felted yarn all over it! Its from Gorgeous Fabrics and its frickin' gorgeous!

I've had my eye on this stuff for what seems like years now and no one has snatched it all up yet! And it comes in different colors! (I have black too) It's stretch, which is required by the pattern, but since the yarns aren't stretch, its definitely messes up the 'flow' of the fabric. Here's the link for the most amazing fabric ever!

I've already cut out the sleeves and this pattern is ALL sleeve. Its a bit of a bitch to cut because the grain is all over the place, but just approximate it and it'll work itself out.

God that picture doesn't even do the colors justice!

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