Sunday, March 4, 2012

Knitting Pattern Review: Sweetheart Sweater by domiknitrix

This sweater has been TWO. YEARS. IN. THE. MAKING.

Its a beautifully designed pattern with princess seaming-like decreases and increases giving a gorgeous waist. There is short row shaping in the chest for an amazing fit. The neckline frames the face perfectly. There is intarsia that is possibly the most evil design in the history of knitting. Ok, maybe not, but there were nine bobbins going at once and I accidentally dropped everything on the ground. Almost cried.

The pattern is very nice, I didn't have any problems with the instructions. The only problem that I found was that the neckline is a bit floppy. This is the first time I've picked up stitches so the neckline was definitely difficult for me. You can especially see this in the back view as the back neckline is stubbornly not standing up. When I wash it again, I'll try to coax it up. I also made the sleeves way longer than the pattern as its quite cold during the winter and my wrists would get jealous.

This was the second time I've done intarsia and it was the first hardest I've done. I was terrified that it was going to stretch out the front something terrible, but when all stitched up and the ends woven in, its .... perfect!


I used the yarn recommended in the domiknitrix book which my teeny-tiny and perfect LYS miraculously had in stock in all the right colors. It knit up very nice. It feels very nice. Not itchy at all.

And to clarify, this sweater didn't take two years total to knit, I had other stuff to do.

Story #1 about this sweater:
July 2011, upon nearly completing the sweater and getting ready to seam everything together, I realized a little creature had nibbled holes all over the sleeves. I spent $20 on 15 min of time with a lady teaching me how to duplicate stitch over the holes. I ripped everything out to the holes and re-knit everything later.

Story #2 about this sweater:

The first stitches I made for this sweater I did at my boyfriend's old apartment. We'd only been going out for a short time and I didn't yet understand his (now our) cats proclivities. I had knit up about 5 rows of ribbing and headed to the bathroom. When I came back and sat with at the knitting, Amazing Boyfriend asked, and I quote in its ridiculous, "Did you give the cats one of your yarn balls?" My "No" turned into a "AHHHH" as I saw Foliage darting away with one of the yarn balls. It was a "Nahhhhhh." Resuming knitting, I quickly realized that the yarn ball that had so peaked Foliage's interest was the one I had been knitting with. She had gnawed through it. Little punk. Lesson learned.

I <3 the sweetheart sweater. I want another one. It'll only take 1 year this time, right?

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  1. You are a knock-out in that sweater! It turned out so fabulous.