Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Simplicity Patterns?

I was totally flummoxed when I got an email about new Simplicity patterns, didn't they just release a new season of patterns? Any way, let's take a look!

The peplum is remarkably on trend and the shows were only a couple of weeks ago. Someone at Simplicity is paying attention. Now unfortunately, the peplum is also remarkably unflattering and in my opinion, very 80's. I do really like the collared version of the dress (without peplum) and the split sleeves, but not together. One focus at a time please.

Eh, its ok. I like the white dress, but not a fan of the fit-and-flare version or the fluffy sleeves. Kinda blah, eh? Boy oh boy, that's some cheap and shiny purple fabric. Pattern companies need to understand we like to see the patterns. White makes the details hard to see (black too) and busy patterns/shiny stuff obliterates the lines as well.

This one has some possibilities. I love the peek-a-boo necklines, though I worry about a real woman's figure in there, it has the possibility of going female Klingon. The full skirt balances well with the more fitted bodice. The tie would look kinda sassy with a fabric covered belt. Not a fan of the notched neckline, personal preference.

Rowley maintains a nice balance between girly and sporty all in one dress. The skirt is very kicky and would inspire 'I feel pretty, oh so pretty' to start playing in your head, and the seaming is a tiny little bit tough to temper the pretty. Love the short sleeves with the contrasting blues, helps bring out the sporty side.

Dull as dishwater. Seen it a million times. 

Most of the other patterns are simplistic and I've seen a trillion times, but I find it hilarious that Suedesays made a children's pattern. Edgy man!

At this rate Simplicity Fall should be out next week.

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