Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Couch Update! #3

The White Whale is slowly being reeled in! I decided to take the plunge and carefully use the seam ripper to delicately and carefully remove the bottom cushions from the couch frame. When I went for it though, I realized they were only held on by some thin, interfacing like strips of fabric. So the Amazing Boyfriend viciously took a razor blade to it and sliced it off! I think a bit of the couch came off, but it'll all be covered in fabric in the end. No harm, no foul.

So I covered the cushions and that was that. Ok, not quite that was that. I don't have the zippers I need to properly encase the cushions, ie. I need some LONG zippers, like 30".  So I have raw edges and a completely open edges shoved up into the back of the couch where you can't see them! Let's see the fruit of my work...

Check out that pattern matching between cushions! Its spectacular! I can't even put into words how much I love this couch. There's nothing better than 80 degrees, outside on your enclosed porch, on your fabulous, patterned, cat-hair repelling outdoor couch. I tell Amazing Boyfriend that I'll be in paradise and he knows that means that I'll be on the porch.

Next, the hardest part, covered the main couch frame. The frame still shows, this is just in image where you can't see it, so it has to be covered. That will take a while though since I'm currently 3,000 miles from paradise.

Two things I have discovered, if you are making covers for your cushions:
The best way to make a 'pattern' for your cushions is the measure the cushions, cut a rectangle, and then use a cup and trace curves around the corners. Two things to note here:
1. When I traced the cushion onto the fabric, it invariably always ended up way way way too large for the cushion. When I measure and then cut as noted above, it was always perfect.
2. Curving the corners rather than having pointy corners resulted in a cleaner look. The cushions actually fill the curved corners, whereas the pointy corners stick up like little ears. A sofa with ears is a big no-no.

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