Thursday, June 7, 2012

Away from the sewing machine

When you go to places like this, you can't bring your sewing machine.

A few years ago, ugh many years ago now, I went to a magical and odd place known as college. I went to a hard college, let's call it Richard Dirt College. Dirt as we Dirters like to call it, is a challenging school. Most Dirters cry at least once a month, those who don't cry punch walls, some Dirters do both. I knew about Dirt's reputation before I went there and that combined with the general size of dorm rooms meant I was not going to be able to bring my beloved sewing machine and all of my sewing accoutrements with me. I knew I would need some sort of distraction when I wasn't studying something Dirty (hahahahaha!), so I decided to pick up a new skill. I choose knitting. Totally portable and compact. I had tried crochet, my mom, Wonderful Mom (WM) from here on out, was a wonderful crocheter in her time, but I tried it and it didn't click with my hands. I picked up Stitch and Bitch and gave it a go. It clicked.

I really do like knitting, its very different from sewing and sometimes I just want to sit and knit instead of sit and sew and stand and iron and crouch and cut and stand and iron and sit and sew and repeat. Knits and wovens also go together on the body so well, they really bring out the best in the other. Like two peas in a pod. I think knitting helps the sewing and sewing helps the knitter.

I decided to make a knitting plan for the year so here it is:

  • A present for my ****** for *******. (Number of *'s does not accurately reflect length of words, stop trying to figure it out)
  • A present for my ****** for *******. (Number of *'s does not accurately reflect length of words)
  • A wedding present for Amazing Boyfriend's brother and future wife: a blanket in their favorite colors, coral and blue, preferably wool as I hear they are moving to Minnesota, brrrrr. Wedding's in early August, better get on it.
  • A Christmas present for my grandma: a hat, she ordered one from me a long time and after not finding a suitable pattern gave up, but I really need to get on it because she's really a top notch grandma.
It's the year of knitting for other people, yes, but since I sew pretty much exclusively for myself, they deserve a little love. I'll blog about Grandma's present and the wedding gift, but you'll have to wait until after ******* to see the rest.

Happy Creating!

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