Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Simplicity Patterns: Fall 2013

Simplicity 1594
How freaking cute is that. Any day now I should become a future Auntie through my boyfriend's brother so I'll have to start stocking up on cute baby stuff because hell or high water, I'm going to be that baby's favorite Aunt. It'll be hard since its other aunt's will like about 20 min away from it and I'll be a 10 hour drive, so that's a lot of material lovin'. I like how the shoes are NOT INTENDED FOR WALKING. That sticker should also be included on all 2.5"-plus heeled shoes.

Adult clothes?

Simplicity 1585
That's some 70's realness. I hate the gathering under the bust, it looks like the mark of a homemade garment. The shoulder cut-outs are weird with that style.

Simplicity 1586
 Classic, GREAT dress with fitting help. Nothing wrong here!

Simplicity 1587
I love the skirt, I hate the bodice. I wish they had more 1920's retro patterns.

Simplicity 1588
I am personally insulted by this. When this is the 4th pattern in the new release, there's not much hope.

Simplicity 1589
Hey, if you are going to learn to sew, there are worse patterns to start with. I made culottes when I was starting out. A lot of culottes. Otherwise, this pattern looks about 5 years too late.

Simplicity 1590
Ah, the 10" waists of the 1940's. Yowza that looks painful. I like what the peplum's doing here.

Simplicity 1591
That's about as nondescript as you're ever going to get. How come skirts never get waistbands?

Simplicity 1592
Snore. Nice elastic waist pants.

Simplicity 1593
Same pants, straighter side seams.

And the totally adorable baby girls win this round!

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