Friday, October 18, 2013

New Patterns: McCalls Winter 2013

Early prom arrivals!

Would you rather...

go as Barbie?
McCalls 6838

go as what my imaginary best friends Tom and Lorenzo would call the glaring titscrepancy?
McCalls 6837

or go in this dress which I think was made with cheap screen door material?
McCalls 6836

For my imaginary prom, I choose cheap door dress. There's potential which other two don't aspire to.
Normal clothes?

McCalls 6833
Ok not too normal, its still pretty fancy pants. The skirt is way full and the antique colored lace is way too much with that brocade. It all comes together to look like a very mature (or rich) child's Christmas dress. The non-full skirt option is more adult.

McCalls 6834
I though there was a seam there until I saw the line drawing. That point is just where all the pleats open. I think in a less stiff fabric the garment would look more like the line drawing and have some of the promised flow. The sleeves make it a bit twee.

McCalls 6835
That's just rectangles....This is NOT a dress, its a coverup on its best day! And please, for the love of god don't do this:

McCalls 6841
This was actually an extremely trendy look from earlier this year, but instead of giant cowl the fabric reversed and folded at the bottom. The style was better rendered by Hot Patterns 1153.

McCalls 6839
I hate these cut-out, cowl back tops, with the *SHUDDER* shoulder ties to keep them from falling off. Reminds me of the cheap tween clothes I sometimes convinced my understanding mom to buy me. Thanks for indulging me, momma!

McCalls 6846
Please excuse me while I run screaming from the room. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

McCalls 6847
Dental assistant's smock.

McCalls 6844

Love this fabric. Love the shawl collar. HATE the peplum.

McCalls 6840
Ok, I have this shirt in chambray. No joke. Love those obnoxious, annoying sleeves.

McCalls 6842
Rah-rah cheerleader skirt.

McCalls 6849
That is aggressively ugs.

McCalls 6848
I cannot imagine the pain of sleeping in romper. I flip over about 14 times before I fall asleep and then supposedly, I spend the rest of the night either kicked off the covers or stealing the covers. Do you realize how much this thing would ride up, anywhere and everywhere? Oh man.

On that....

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