Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sewing Mojo: Missing and Found

A couple of weeks ago my sewing mojo ran away screaming. I blame the enormous winter coat project. I baked a bit, knitted a bit, let the sewing lay quietly. To coax my mojo back I made my Mom's friend a tote bag to match my Mom's own from a few months ago.

The drawing is way better, but I managed to make the bag way bigger on accident.

I hope SK likes it!

I even found the same lining and I literally couldn't kick that damn cat out of the picture.

Then as fast as the mojo went away, its can a'roarin' back! I excitedly started cutting out tons of teeny weeny appliques for a special project and then......I started feeling a sharp pain in my hand. Well frick-sticks. So I have a very deep bruise in my hand and am trying not to use scissors at all. All cutting will either be done by my very sweet boyfriend or by my very sweet rotary cutter. And no handsewing!


  1. Wow, what a great bag! How did you do the artwork?

  2. Hi! Thank you! I used Stained markers from Sharpie. They are pretty good, but for that much drawing you have to let the ink 'recharge'. Super permanent too!