Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Luxury Throw

The Luxury Throw was born from a moment of madness. I wanted to make something pretty for my mom and while flipping through my newly acquired Twinkle knitting books and showing her the projects, she mentioned that the wrap was pretty. In my head I thought, I'll make her that, but I'll make it BIG. I always seem to go that way: big art, big plants, bigger is just more striking. Bigger here was the wrong decision.

The Luxury Throw uses the Lilac Mist Throw pattern from Twinkle's Weekend Knits in Rowan's kidsilk haze stripe. I only know which yarn I used because I have one ball left that I couldn't bear to add to the throw. I hate mohair. How did I forget that? I sticks to everything, especially itself, it knots, its like knitting with spiderwebs. Like the angry ghosts of spiderwebs. The pattern itself is fine, I like repetitive knitting and knitting is one of the few parts of my life where I don't like to challenge myself.

Want to hear the kicker? This behemoth took almost two years to knit and has been to South America THREE times. Its huge, but can fold up and fit in the tiniest purse. It weighs significantly less than a potato, but after being under it for two minutes, you'll be warmer than you ever thought possible. Its super strong, but snags like a bitch. This is The Luxury Throw of contradictions.

Now why am I calling this The Luxury Throw. I gave it to Mom on Christmas and she asked me what it was. I struggled with that same question starting about halfway through this creation. Too big for a wrap, too light for a throw. That was until I saw on the Pickles website, a giant mohair throw similar to this under the heading: Luxury Throw. I'll stick with it.

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