Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas present!

Since finishing my awesome jacket that I wear every chance I can get, I'm been working on a super secret project, my Mom's Christmas present and I can finally post it! Here's the story.

A few months ago my Mom sent me a package in the mail and wrapped some things in old napkins that we have. Napkins that we've used since I can remember using napkins and these things were holey. I mean more hole than napkin, you could put your entire face through them. My Mom deserves awesome napkins, and while I was at it, my Mom deserved awesome placemats. I wanted to give her something that was casual, but could be gussied up, something mix-and-matchable, and I wanted to give her alot of whatever I was going to do.

12 placemats, 12 napkins, 4 of each color. I backed the placemats with oatmeal colored fabric to add to the mix/matachableness. The thread is oatmeal colored and used on the napkins too. I used 3.5 spools, that machine embroidery takes a lot of thread! There is the thinnest batting I could find in the placemats that gives them just enough loft. And its real linen!

Ah, perfectly mitered corners.

My Mom loved them. Merry Christmas Mom!

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  1. I love these placemats and napkins! They are so pretty and super-well made. I use them every day. Thank you so much, wonderful daughter.