Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pattern Review: McCalls 6325

I finished another project, I am on fire! When I finished this top, I only had one, 1, ONE project left on the table. That's a freakin' record, I love to start projects and have issues with finishing them. I only have 2 knitting projects unfinished, its a miracle! I don't want to talk about general crafts though, that's a disaster.

Sunny day in sunny CA!

I really love the shape of bustier tops, but they don't usually fit my body, but a bustier pattern with cup sizes! Awesome-sauce!

Great fit! Awesome haircut!
So, the pattern was great except for the cups. Ironic right? I made the D-size cup so maybe the fit issues came from that, but as written, the cups would very well fit Madonna cone bra boobs, not human woman breasts. If I had taken pictures of what came out of the pattern envelope, you'd be on the floor laughing. The couple other reviews I found online didn't have any problems, but it appears they used smaller cup sizes. Admittedly I didn't check the measurements, but I'm sure as hell not an A, B, or C and I can't imagine larger boobs fitting in that pattern. A lot of adjustment went into getting the top of the top to fit. My amazing boyfriend helped a lot and I think he was happy to.

The other change that I made was more buttons! More buttons! I hate button gaps. But then I realized that I would have a buttonhole right on top of a seam so my button holes are totally uneven and very (sarcasm ahead) professional looking. Anyways, there are absolutely no button gaps. This thing is SOLID.

Just what I needed! A good underlayer.
The fabric I used was Amicale silk-cotton broadcloth and is really really nice. Like really. On a wish and a prayer I prewashed in the washing machine and it turned out well so I may try that again with the finished product if I'm feeling dangerous. I got the fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics, but its no longer available, I got it almost exactly one year ago. Don't let anyone tell you I procrastinate.

This is a good pattern idea with lots of changes, but I want to make it again. I want the cups to go a bit higher everywhere. Also they seem to wing out a bit at the sides and I'd like to nix that. I want to wear versions of this top all summer with pretty little skirts, like Megan Nielsen's Kelly, how grand!

My family's new dog Rocky likes it too! He also goes by Rocky-Do, Rock Star, and Stanky (he likes to roll in deer poop, but who doesn't?). Always adopt, never buy.

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  1. OMG, those are cute pictures! Great sewing! Love the top and the dog!