Thursday, January 17, 2013

New New Look Patterns: Spring 2013

Wow, New Look released some boring shiz this sewing season.

New Looking 6173
Ok, this is obviously a prom pattern, but that doesn't mean it has to be dull as hell. The one shoulder is fine, I actually think more people should embrace printed gowns, and the simplicity lets the print shine through. On the other hand, the blue-purple thing is cheap and outdated.

New Look 6174

Or maybe I'm wrong, maybe girls these days just want to look tacky as ^&#*. Remember the first season of Project Ruway, with Jay McCarrol and Kara Saun, those people had talent. This is not talent.

New Look 6181
The back is kinda cute with the back-cowl, but that's a pretty sack-like dress. Pretty lazy pattern making if you ask me.

New Look 6185
Cute jammies!

New Look 6188
Another Chanel jacket. This looks fine, but I think other Chanel jacket patterns are going to give you the more detail that a Chanel jacket demands. Unless you want a bare bones Chanel jacket, it is quite cute.

Can we stop here and say a little thank you for the lack of bikes in these pics.

New Look 6176
Plain little shift dress with some shaping and a nice neckline. I was looking for a plain shift dress pattern a couple of years ago and couldn't find one that made me happy so keep 'em coming boys! Those buttons on a grown woman are gross.

New Look 6180
Remember when you graduated from beginning sewing and no longer had to find patterns that used elastic on EVERYTHING? Why are we reverting?

New Look 6183
Gathers under the bust always come off as homemade when I do them, maybe I'm just bad at gathers. Another dated pattern.

New Look 6184
No! This is the same pattern as 6144 with a little fabric added here and there. Don't insult me.

New Look 6186
More elastic = Lazy pattern making

As soon as you lean over in that cross over, you are showing your goods to the world.

New Look 6187
I'll take the bottom right with a pair of righteous bell bottoms, man.

New Look 6189
I don't really understand the front notch in the waistband, but I'm not personally insulted by this pattern. There's nothing special, except that notch, what are they trying to tell us...

New Look 6191
I might have made those pants when I was 11. In sunflower fabric.

New Look 6192
This has to exist already.

New Look 6193
Told you they were going to capitalize on the independent pattern companies popular use of peter pan collars.

New Look 6194
I've come to find I dislike cropped things, but they are fine for other people. Also, those are the same pants found in 6174 above.

New Look 6196
And here are the pants for a third time.

New Look 6197
I'm totally making that shirt for my boyfriend (same fabric) and then guilting him into wearing it outside. "But I maaaade it for you, honey. Don't you love meeeee???"

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  1. Youre right: these patterns are booooooooring. I will admit, I don't hate the 6194 cropped Peter Pan collar jackets. I could do without pretty much everything else, though. And now that I've seen that last pattern (6197) I feel this burning desire to make matching Hawaiian shirts for myself and my boyfriend. Gross.

    And you're right about them using the same pants pattern 3 times. Like....what????