Friday, June 22, 2012

Some home dec

I've been working on a few of super easy peasy home dec projects.

1. The shower curtain

 About four years ago now, I made a shower curtain for my bathroom back at my amazing parent's amazing house. I believed this shower curtain would change the world, or at least the aura around my shower. And you know what?! It did! It made my bathroom look amazing! Even my dad, who may not fully appreciate pink fabric with flowers, and birds, and a giant ruffle at the bottom, was super impressed. I made a plan to do the same with my apartment's shower. Here's the result.

The print is from Hart's Fabric, the green solid Joann's.

What do you think? I originally wanted the fabric placed horizontally, but that didn't fly with the print so vertically it went. I love the colors and design, its just so happy. Its also appropriate for a bathroom that a man shares. Manly. Grunt. No giant ruffle. Double grunt. Mommy and baby woodland animals. Awwwwwwwww.

Cause I know you wanted to see the shower curtain that changed the world.

2. Wall hanging

Fabric from Hart's Fabric.

I can barely call this a sewing project, more like an ironing project.

But I can call it wonderful. I'm a born and bred Californian and since I don't live there at the moment, my California pride is especially aggressive. Sure Cali has its problems, philandering ex-governors, the Lakers, no water, but it rocks baby! This is a reproduction vintage tablecloth that got trimmed down a bit to fit on the dowel, sewed in some casings, and hung up. Easy peasy! Great decoration for our guest/cat room.

Some places that I've lived and worked are on here!

3. Pillows

Wood fabric from Hart's Fabric no longer available but this one's cute! The grey tweed is from Gorgeous Fabrics, but its not available anymore. The circle pillow fabric is from Hart's Fabric as well. The stripe fabric is also an Alexander Henry, but I got that one from

I've made all these pillows. My pride and joy is the log pillow. My Amazing Boyfriend got a free neck roll/bolster pillow with his mattress when he bought it months before he met me and never, as men usually do, got around to beautifying it. Waiting for me I guess. I found the perfect wood grain fabric, sewed it up, and thought I was the most cleverest person in the world. Then I googled 'log pillow'. Damn.

The gray pillow is a silk tweed leftover from a skirt I made 3 years ago, the star pillow is inspired by Domiknitrix and my first (high successful I might add) shot at intarsia, I loved the colors for the fabric on the striped pillow so I threw that together one day, and I loved the colors and print on the round pillow, but was tired of square pillows and a major lack of ruffles in my life (see above).

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