Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New McCalls Patterns: Fall 2012

On a whim I checked the McCalls website for new patterns and there they were! They've probably been there for a while, oops!

As usual, lets start with the good!

My favorite of the bunch! A good jacket can instantly finish and improve an outfit, in other words, a jacket makes it seem like you know what you are doing when in reality, you just threw on a jacket. I love the drapey lapels.

Now let's talk McCalls/Fashion Star vs. Simplicity/Project Runway, just the patterns, I don't want to get into how terrible Fashion Star is or how terrible Project Runway is starting to get. McCalls is doing the SAME thing to the Fashion Star patterns as Simplicity did to the Project Runway patterns. There's endless quirks and additions you can add to the design to make is completely 'you', blah, blah, blah, fashion drawings, blah, blah, blah. Its just so blatant. I haven't had the opportunity to see in person a Fashion Star pattern, but if they have paper dolls, my brain might explode.

Back to the jacket. I can see this casual or dressy, heavy or light. The peplum is very on trend, but its not an in-your-face peplum so the jacket can last beyond the trends. Brava!

Simple dress, not very innovative, but I like the idea of playing with different fabrics in the panels. For the picture that used to sell the pattern though, that dress looks sloppy made and badly fit. Confidential to the model: LIGHTEN UP!

Another remarkably simple dress, but I like short dresses with long sleeves so there you go. The wide neckline is nice and ugly-ass blue waistband hits her at just the right spot. Unfortunately, the leopard fabric obliterates the lines of the dress, why don't pattern companies make the samples in a solid fabric so we can see what's going on!?!?!?

The ok patterns.

Front of the dress is a standard sheath, the back looks like this. Tuxedo back. Super for cute for those with little lady lumps. Not for this lady.

I tried a shirt on at a store two months ago that looks JUST. LIKE. THIS. And it looked terrible on me, yet I still want to like it! Hey, the model is happy! You go girlfriend!

This style of shirt is very trendy right now where the collar and button placket are a different color than the rest of the shirt (sometimes the cuff is a different color too). Obviously though this can be done with many button up, collared shirt patterns, you don't have to use this one. Hate the tunic length, but I have an irrational hate of tunics as they are usually, or usually should, be paired with leggings and I really hate leggings.

Hey, another pattern that's great for walking up invisible stairs. These stairs are only a little bit high though. As with all the pictures for this pattern, the design is obliterated by the model's pose, the fabric, or both. Its a shirtdress, can't be that bad right?

Big flowy skirts are in. This big flowy skirt has a zipper. In my recently completely and highly scientific poll, men dislike a woman is a big flowy skirt and women love wearing big flowy skirts. Well I hate men in sandals, so there.

Ok, I'm putting this in the 'ok' group despite that velvet color area and crappy print. I like bows around the neckline, but that collar really makes me tense.

What a model does when the photographer tells her to 'squat and make love to the camera.'

Attack of the pastel leg army! Pants look fine and normal.

Seemingly good for boho types. I am not a boho type. Needs to be longer though, its way too short on her.

Now for the bad.

Ever played that game, would you rather? Like who you rather have hair like a chia pet or arms made of Legos? (Chia pet for me)

Well, would you rather




  1. Exactly my sentiments on men with sandals and women with big skirts! <3

  2. I love your pattern critiques! Ugly a$$ belt. HA