Sunday, July 15, 2012

New knitting project: Wedding Blanket

I am more than one skein in on my Amazing Boyfriend's brother and future-wife's wedding present. Their favorite colors are blue and coral so I bought some lovely, washable, wooly blue and coral yarn from my favorite online yarn store, Jimmy Beans. Went with Cascade 220. Unfortunately, the coral was a bit redder and brighter than I thought it would be from the online pictures....and together the colors look more like blue and red. Its a very patriotic blanket. You see their wedding is exactly one month at the 4th of July, keeping the theme alive!

Not a flag, warning, not a flag.

For the pattern I'm using the Tuck Stitch Lap Throw by Patti-Ann Williamson that I found on Ravelry and KnitPicks that I thought was perfect because its a little retro and old fashioned. I have a picture of the couple and the background is a granny square wall hanging, a little retro and old fashioned.

The only problem is: this is not going to get done in time for the wedding. Crap.

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  1. ok so i am supposed to be working, instead I have just read your blog from end to start (as you have to) ...your pattern reviews seriously amused me! laughing to myself at my desk has cheered up a dreary morning! I am attempting to try and make some clothes for myself...i've not done it before as i think there is a lot of pattern alteration for me - I am not the size of a stick insect (unfortunately) and i have boobs, and plenty of them...nice to see someone with a real body shape making clothes that fit well easily have a new follower! :)