Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Simplicity Patterns: Fall 2012

Hot on the Vogue heels are the rest of Simplicity's offering for our autumnal sewing pursuits. Fall is my absolute favorite fashion season. Its not so hot that you have to wear shorts and a tank to be comfortable, but not so cold that its snow boots and down everyday. Go Fall!

The bestest pattern of the restest.

Simplicity 1756

Wow wow wow. I love layering pieces that make an outfit for interesting and boy oh boy, this is an interesting layering piece. Its AWESOME! Its so unpractical and ridiculous that its perfectly perfect. I love the vest the bestest, but I love the jacket too. And I LOVE those silly cutouts. I'm this close to abandoning everything in my queue and making 14 of these. Thank you Cynthia.

And in no particular order....

Simplicity 1754

 I see the princess fans at Simplicity are still well and good because Kate wore that black lace dress. Other than the obviously inspiration, there's nothing that remarkable about this pattern and in fact, the dress on the pink girl is making her look dowdy.

Simplicity 1755

I haven't come to a final decision about this pattern because I hate, hate, hate the fabric choices for both options. The sleeveless version is the same color as the model skin tone, but wrinkly. How attractive. The version with sleeves is just gross. Since there's so much going on in this pattern, I think it really needs to be done in a solid color, but maybe red, blue, black, anything other than 'flesh of the wearer' please. Not bad Leanne, better than last time definitely.

Simplicity 1758

This pattern is pretty hideous, I'm only looking at it for the furry vest and its a fail. The ribbon closure is so sad. So so sad. The vest is weeping ribbons.

Simplicity 1759

Super 80's style jackets. I dislike low button closures on long coats, it makes the coat look like it was made for a much much taller lady.

Simplicity 1762

Awesome jammies! I want to make this in red and walk around with a pipe, ala Playboy. No, seriously.


  1. I just purchased the 1755 pattern. Like you, I thought the color choices were really bad, and I initially discounted the pattern. I gave the envelope back a look and could then see what a cute dress it is. I hope to make several dresses from this pattern. I'm not planning on contrasting the sleeves, though. It will all be of the same fabric.

    1. Awesome! I hope you post a review on it, I'd love to see the pattern with some real style! :)