Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nice rack!

New home dec! I live in an apartment and compared to all my apartments, its the clear winner, but that doesn't mean that there is a ton of cabinet space. This is my pots and pans cabinet.

When you try to take one out, they all fall in an avalanche. So frustrating!

So inspired by not wanting to pay $130 for a Crate and Barrel pot rack as well as the work on this site, my Amazing Boyfriend and I decided to make one ourselves.

First we got a pegboard and painted it. Home Depot has pegboards in giant'xgiant' or 2'x4' so we got the smaller one. Also bought some semi-gloss paint in obscenely bright red-orange.

Not lying about the obscenely bright red-orange.

Because we want the pegboard to be off the wall by a little, so we got some 2"x3/8" cut a little bit shorter than the rack will be wide and screwed them into the wall. Speaking of screwing things into the wall, replastering everything once we leave this place is going to be a real beast.

Next, and this part is easy because the pegboard already has holes all over it, screw the pegboard into the wood.

Boom! It was a pretty easy project with a great space saving result!

Upon putting everything up and admiring our handiwork, my Amazing Boyfriend said, "All I can see are things that could have been done better." I said, "All I can see is orange and we only use three of these pots."

Little did I know that Home Depot has a small but ample selection of pegboard accessories. Those little baskets are going to hold some sewing stuff! Whoho! Nefarious purposes!

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