Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Vogue Patterns: Fall 2012

Are you lacking things to make and have a little free time? No? Then stop reading, this will only increase your sewing load because some of the patterns aren't so bad.

In the spirit of the Olympics, the gold medal patterns.

Vogue 1314, I love you with a million Suns. The ruching, the long sleeves, the just past knee length, the knit. Be still my sewing heart. I guess I have a simple heart because this shape is so simple, but boy do I love it. Thank you for coming into my life.

Holy mackerel do I love a good cape? Why yes I do! The arm slits are perfect and its so tailored and adult. Needs different colors though, liven it up. 

Note this is here for the shirt only, the pants are horrifying silk elastic cuffed monstrosities. The shirt on the other hand is just lovely. Let's face it, I (and probably you) don't wear dresses nearly as much as you wear pants and shirts, yet all we ever make is dresses. Amirite? Love the buttons, love the cuffs, love the lack of a collar. Hate the print.

Love the sportiness of this and that pocket placement is genius. The front zipper on the the other zippers look cheap to me. I know, I know its trendy. Even Victoria Beckham has them all over her dresses. People can be wrong.

 Love ruffles, love that only half of this has ruffles. Less top bulk is happy bulk.

Super trendy. A t-shirt of minimal shaping with a center seam made of woven fabric, particularly leather. On the other hand, does this trend actually work? Look at the fabric pulling around her upper chest and sleeve area, this looks so uncomfortable to wear.

Would I wear this? Yes, of course. Its interesting and eye catching. Do I want to make this? For the love of turkey bacon, NO! The cutting out would be bad enough let along all that seaming. And don't even consider trying to fit that.

Been considering jumping on the never-gonna-go-away furry vest bandwagon and I've been looking for the right pattern to join me on the adventure. This seems a little baggy, no?

Now for the silver medal patterns.

Really sweet dress, I like the contrasting options that they show here. I've always been a fan of dresses with front buttons. Not zippers though.

I'm of two camps here:
That coat has a really nice shape and lines.
That coat makes her look shapelessly pregnant.
Maybe just adopt some of the nice aspects of the style of this garment to flattering coats.
Love the impractical for winter sleeves.

I love hats and finally a hat pattern of cute hats, but wait, why do they look appallingly huge? Back to the hat drawing board.


Sharp as hell, but might read too dated if not in a fun print.

Elegant, I'll never wear it.

Bronze medals.

Pencil skirt, but this one is a faux wrap. How exciting. Sarcasm.

Obviously vintage inspired and I've said in the past, I'm not one of those vintage loving girls. I don't like clothes with detachable pieces, it feels seems cheap, but I guess it helps with the cleaning logistics and meeting different needs for different materials.

I once had cowl necks described to me as giant neck vaginas. You cannot unsee that. You're welcome.

Vogue 1317Vogue 1317

Sew up that front slit and you have a 7-year-old's Easter dress.

And now for a new category: Go back to your country and take up a new hobby.

For your pirate wardrobe needs with have two options.

Boho pirate

or buttoned-up and business pirate? Styling is off, needs a sword.

And the final category: The IOC officially disavows knowledge of your country so that you may never participate in the Olympics again.

I dub thee, 'The Birthing Dress'. Those shoes are totally impractical during the labor process, terrible accessorizing. Like seriously, this is a real pattern and this is how they try to sell it.


  1. Love your comments. You crack me up. So what shoes DO go with a birthing dress? Oh never mind, you should be barefoot for that.

  2. Victoria Beckham STARTED the trend of exposed BACK zippers probably 2 TWO years ago... where were you???