Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Independent Patterns

So looking at the Big-4 patterns lately has made me really appreciate the independent pattern creators. The patterns are generally simple, but modern and needed in the sewing universe. The Big-4 seem to go one of two ways with their patterns, over complicated and over wrought or a rehash of something simple and boring. Independent patterns are like a breath of fresh air mingled with sewing machine oil.

Colette Anise

One of the two new offering from Colette and ain't she just the prettiest. I've said in the past I'm not a vintage girl and this definitely has a quality, but with the right fabric I really love it. When I first saw the pink version, I wasn't in love, but the blue transforms it. I'd make it in camel with gold buttons and try to play up a military feel. I think in camel, the peter pan collar would be a little less sweet and a little bit of an interesting juxtaposition. Love the length. Making a companion to go with it as well as a sew along is just too sweet of the designer!

Colette Juniper
Juniper, I want to love you, I really do, but something is off for me. I think its just the fact that its a wide leg, but I really want to wait and see what more people make out of this. I've always thought of myself as someone who'd really like wide-leg pants when presented with a good pair, but I've never had that chance. I've been raised in a low-rise, tight leg world and its hard to come out.

I don't like Hot Patterns that much. Yes I'm making a Hot Patterns jacket right now and that's the exact reason why. I find what's presented on the envelope and what's inside to be two remarkably different things and that's some poor quality. But I'll give some lip service to some of their new stuff that I find interesting.

HP 1140
Hey you can't mess up a bag too much right? I really love this thing, its got a great casual, slouchy shape. I think I can figure out this pattern for myself though.

Love love love love love! I've been dying for a pair of tuxedo pants. I want them cropped, I want them long, I want them tight and loose and in every color with every other color stripe. Now I don't think you have to buy a pattern specifically to get that stripe, some mild changes in most pant patterns could get you a stripe, but if you don't want to and want to try this out, I'd love to see it!

HP 1132
Well that's just sex-on-a-stick, isn't it? If I were to get another HP, this would be it. The shape is amazing and that front panel (not the patchwork thing) is exactly what I've been looking for. Having not seen what actually comes out of the envelope, I'm worried, but there isn't too many places in this pattern for there to be something completely out of left-field (see my anger over my jacket's collar, here). I've need around 50 pencil skirts in my wardrobe for about 3 years now and there are still exactly none, so maybe?

HP 1143
Are you freakin'-frackin' kidding me? That's a glorified two rectangles with some drawstring.

Sewaholic Thurlow
So I'm a little late to the Sewaholic train, but this stuff is great! I need to make a million t-shirts because all of mine are old and holey and the Renfrew top is totally the answer, but that's an older pattern, so here's one of the newer ones. Great traditional pants details and made for ladies with hips, what a concept! The shorts are also supah, dupah cutah. I feel like these would be easy to adjust into a skinnier or bootcutier silhouette pretty easily and I'm dying to see people's creations of these!

Sewaholic Alma
So sweet! I'm not that sweet though. All those sweet girls out there will look so sweet in their Alma's <3

Isn't it interesting to see the different pattern company's styles compared against each other? They all certainly have their niches. I think its wildly important to have an actual picture accompanying your pattern, whether online or onenvelope, you listening to me HP? Those are just the clearest patterns.

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