Monday, October 8, 2012

New Simplicity Patterns: Winter 2012

So I'm traveling for work again. I'm about 8,000 feet about sea level and up at at 4 in the morning with nary a sewing machine in sight so instead of actually working, I will share my critique of Simplicity's latest offerings with you. Mind you, its 4 in the morning, these will be the ramblings of a crazy woman.

I'm going to start with this one...

Simplicity 1727
Ok, I first wanted to start this with, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? But the more I think about this, the more I philosophize. These types of collars are crazy trendy right now among the crazy trendy. Now follow me, most of the crazy trendy probably don't sew, but if they got the hankering to sew and to sew a decorative collar, they couldn't throw together a collar 'pattern' like you and me, they'd have to use this. Think of this as like a 'first hits free' kinda pattern. So any way to bring innocent people into our fold has got to be commended, right?

Nevermind, this pseudopattern is just crazy-sauce.

Simplicity 1726
Being a cape lover, I am insulted by those calling that blue taffeta monstrosity a cape. That is an ugly. The jacket is unremarkable and so are the shirts, but thank goodness, I will looking for a pattern for an obi belt, I could never have made that on my own.

Simplicity 1718
Oh Project Runway Simplicity, much like the show from which you glean your name, oh the mightly have fallen (Gretchen, Anya?!?!). Those are some of the dowdiest pants and skirts I can imagine. The pattern for that shirt was already made, and made better, by Cythia Rowley.

Simplicity 1716
That dress is cute on the model, but on my chest would be an unhappily stretched monstrosity. The cowl is ok, but I think I've made my thoughts on cowls pretty clear in the past.

Simplicity 1715
I think the 'Amazing Fit' concept is quite smart, it allows people a beginner approach to fitting patterns to their bodies than to jump in whole hog. Gotta say though, that is one dowdy dress.

Compare this pattern envelope to the Project Runway pattern envelope. The clarity on this is just lightyears better.

Simplicity 1717
Hey, that's kinda cute! Love the A-line and the pockets!

Ok, I was kinda coherent right? Join me tomorrow night for crazy late night-early morning ramblings of a sewing machine-less sewing blogger.

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