Monday, December 10, 2012

New home dec!

We did a couple more home dec projects!

My amazing boyfriend had some 12"x12" blank canvases left by an ex-girlfriend who fancied herself a burgeoning painter and I fancy myself a burgeoning crafter so I took them and spent the last 2 years trying to figure out what to with them.

This is what I did. I wanted to honor where we come from and where we are together (yeah I'm a huge nerd). I love the personalities of (most of) the American states and their shapes and from there, got this.

I painted the borders of the canvases so when seen from the sides, you see the colors. Its an extra detail that I love.

To get the states on there, I printed out the outlines of the states and then cute them out and outlined them in pencil. Then my amazing boyfriend carefully painted them, what a good guy. We'll likely have a life where we live in a few more states (countries?) so we'll add to them in the future.

except its not purple :(

I've also really wanted a magnetic chalkboard for a while. When I was little, I had a chalkboard outside my bedroom and my Mom and I would write messages for each other whenever we passed it and its one of my very happy memories. So I hunted all over New England and looking for the largest possible piece of magnetic sheet metal. It was very disappointing running around home improvement stores with my sad little Lord of the Rings magnet that wouldn't stick to anything and have it pathetically fall to the floor. When it finally stuck it I was more elated that I should naturally have been. I left it to my amazing boyfriend to prime and paint it. I wanted to paint it with purple chalk paint, but I let the boyfriend win with the black paint. He did a good job, except got cat litter stuck to it. Seriously. We used mirror hangers to hold it firmly against the wall. Now I just need chalk pens in pretty colors, like PURPLE, and to make some nifty magnets. I just need some super glue and super strong super tiny magnets....

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