Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Papercut Patterns: Spring 2013

Update: They added all important information (fabrics requirements, line drawings, etc.) to the Papercut site!

I love Papercut patterns and again, I don't have any, its a darned shame. Their new release for the season is up and its really very beautiful.

La Sylphide
Super cute and oh boy oh boy short. This might be to cute for me, but wouldn't Princess Kate wear this if it were a little longer? The people at Simplicity patterns are (paper)cutting themselves for not doing this pattern first. Also, this one isn't terribly new, the pussy bow is very popular lately, but its still terribly adorable. Love the buttons on the skirt.


We'll let go of the diaper shorts for a minute to focus on the top which the pattern is for. Very nice wrap around top with a tie in the back. Again, not life changing, but beautiful, very flattering and current. Is it a knit pattern or a woven?

Why don't models smile? My job makes me sit in front of a computer for long periods of time cursing to the heavens, I deserve to frown once in a while. She wears pretty clothes and doesn't need to frown.

Peter and the Wolf Pants

I almost love these pants, but I can't really see them! What happened to line drawing and multiple angles of view? The only other front view of these pants is this:

And that's more of a side view than the previous one! Not to disparage an independent pattern designer with great ideas, but this makes me frustrated. The description describes center front seaming, but I'm worried its going to look like the seams outline my underwear and that is NOT cool. I'll wait until someone else makes these to decide, but then it'll be past the free shipping time and shipping from NZ to 'merica has got to be a bitch. (The model is wearing an orange version of the Coppelia pattern here, loving it even more!)

Midsummers' Night Dream

A wrap dress (or camisole)! I love wrap-things that are actually wrap, faux wraps are disappointing. The only problem I have with this is the fit at the top is a little wonky and makes me concerned about how real boobs fit in there.


I love you Petrouchka, marry me? This is really perfect and totally on trend. I like the swoop of the peplum, but would like to see it on others to address if it makes non-model body types look pregnant. Also, is this knit or woven with a zip? Fabric isn't mentioned in the description.

Rite of Spring Shorts

I really can't see myself near this, but I will say something. The younger girls, 16-21 who live in this city would eat these up.

Also let's look at some of my favorites from previous Papercut collections.

Watson Jacket

Ok how could you not love this, its freakin' fantastic! You know I love capes and what a perfect everyday cape! Love the pop of lining, how fun! This is the reason I first paid attention to Papercut.

Sloppy Joshephine Tee

 Ok, so there's not that much going on here, but who doesn't need tons of easy tees? Might want to bring in that neckline though, its about to fall off. Love the bands at the arms and the (I think) slightly contoured hem.

Pleated Pants
And finally, the perfect pleated pants. I love these, I want a million. I recently realized I need an arsenal of nice pants, jeans all the time is starting to get a little boring.

Here they are in floral.

Love them love them! But have to remember that fit on this is sooo crutial to stay away from any diaper connotations.

I conclusion I love Papercut patterns. I know it may seem like I ragged on them more than say Vogue or Simplicity, its because her ideas are a lot fresher and there's more stuff to talk about than the boring big 4.

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