Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Simplicity Patterns: Early Spring 2013

Coming in close on McCalls' heels is Simplicity

Starting with the prom offerings

Simplicity 1691

My best friend from high school and I like to go through magazines and play 'which outfit would you rather wear, and you can't pick something I picked.' Even if you can't stand anything on the page, you still have to pick something, its a lot of fun although it kinda sounds lame written out like this.

If I were going to prom this year (as a 26 year-old) I would pick 'FLIRTY', what would you pick? (I'll allow multiple pickings of the same dress, just this time!) I love v-neck, ruffles, and the center slit makes it a party dress.

Now which Leanne Marshall pattern would you rather wear to prom?

Simplicity 1689

Simplicity 1690

I choose the short strapless 1690. Not all prom dresses need to fulfill the fairy princess fantasy, prom is a freakin' party! Any other adult women want to play my game with me? What prom dress would you choose?

I also like the 'day' look from this pattern, but its a bit poofy. The top is cute, but crazy simple.

Simplicity 1688

Ok, prom dress play is over, lets discuss real clothes. I LOVE this. Cynthia Rowley is the bomb-diggity. The dress is perfection, the contrast, the seaming, the jacket is perfect, omg stripes, and its lined! I'm going to buy the crap out of this next 99 cent sale.

Simplicity 1687

This looks like something Taylor Swift would wear. Its cute, I love the contrasts (piping and yoke), pockets, and pleats coming off the pockets, but I think its a bit too cutesy for me. Fabric choice might alleviate the cutesy.

Simplicity 1692

OMG, its SENCHA! You can bet your patooty that Simplicity (and the others) know all about the independent pattern makers out there and are following their every move and success. Sencha is one of Collete's more popular patterns so I guess this is not surprising. I like Sencha better. So there.

Simplicity 1693

Boring shirts and those bell sleeves are unflattering. I don't like drawstring waists. They are trying to cash in on the peter-pan collar trend.

Simplicity 1694

Going for the high-low shirt hem. That front split with only one button is not my cup o'tea. Whatever is going on with the hem in view F is awful! Interesting fake fabric choice with view B, that's straight out of the 70's.

Simplicity 1699

Ok, I like that top in a pilgrim sort of way, but everything else is throwaway.

Simplicity 1696

Those look like very comprehensive pants. Very standard.

Simplicity 1686

I don't watch Mad Men, but is this what they are wearing right now?

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