Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New McCalls Patterns: Fall 2013

Need I go on?

Its a pattern for a rectangle with a zipper. A pattern for taking your faux snakeskin boots and turning them into yetti fur and snakeskin boots. And why would you wear lace super short-shorts, an orange studded bag, and mismatching, though both aesthetically suited for cold weather, boots while lying prone on the ground? This is soul crushing.

Also, doesn't this seem like something the Kardashian's would peddle.

Dash away with Kardashian boot covers!

Whatever. In order now.

McCalls 6788
Me: Honey, what do you think of this dress?
Boyfriend: OMG who took a bite out of her side?
Me: Ok, the photoshop is a bit extreme, but what do you think of her top?
Boyfriend: I can't stop looking at her side. Why is one arm huge and the other so small?

McCalls 6789
Exuberant and profuse peplum. I'm over peplums on dresses, shirts are cute, but I don't personally think that peplumed (is that a word?) dresses ever really worked on anyone.

McCalls 6790
The sheer makes this look very messy, but I can kinda see something passable if it were opaque. Let's take a second to talk about the posing. They totally listened when I said pattern models should pose like the Vitruvian man, but is this really necessary? Both sides?

Berta, meet Gurt. Gurt, this is Bertha. I think you would like each other?

Guess not.

I could have fun with this.

McCalls 6798
 I like the sheerness from the shoulders to wrist, but that's mighty unflattering and dated.

McCalls 6791
Maxidress with a cute back that does not allow a wearable bra, but I can't figure out what's going on there, below the hips, you see it? The pattern says it has a 'shaped left side.' Its....wonky. Also, that fabric is pure jammies.

McCalls 6801
That's fine, pretty 80's if you want to do there. Would look great with yetti fur boots, but I don't have any.

McCalls 6792
80's theme party! Barbie syndrome is when your shoes and legs are the same color making it look like you are on your tippy toes all the time. Its almost incurable.

McCalls 6797
This looks mighty uncomfortable to wear, no? All that twisting and fabric. Its also pretty ugly.

McCalls 6793
Perfectly acceptable tunic if you accept tunics. I like the flower background, that's puuurty.

McCalls 6795
Sassy legal aid. Hitting the trends though, little collar and peplum. Don't peplums go better with sleeveless or is that just me?

McCalls 6794
She's a skinny minny! I kinda like this top and its shaped hem, but I question what boobs would do to it.

McCalls 6796
I would have been ALL OVER THIS twelve years ago.

McCalls 6803
The indie pattern company Thread Theory Design Inc. is getting a lot of press among the bloggers lately. Doesn't this look remarkably similar to their Newcastle Cardigan? I like TT's version better and so does the boyfriend.

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  1. Whoa these are all bad!! And these big 4 companies really need to take some advice from us sewing bloggers when it comes to their modeling poses. It's just all so bad.