Sunday, June 9, 2013

Totes Awesome

These last few months have been rough. Capital-r, o, u, g, h, rough. And to make it all better by mom flew out last week to spend a whole week with me. We had fun, we cooked, (she) we cleaned.

I've been wanting to make a trompe l'oeil tote bag for a while and I got those Stained fabric markers from Sharpie a long time ago for that very purpose. Mom got the first one.

I used Megan Nielsen's instructions and a sturdy canvas, added a lining of quilting cotton, and used store-bought woven straps. The markers worked really well and everything you see here has already been washed once so the markers are resisting fading in the wash. My inspiration (blantant steal) was this.

Love you momma!

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