Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Independent Patterns: Jamie Christina

I ran across Jamie Christina patterns when I was looking for the perfect maxidress patten. We'll get to that later.

And alright pattern. Very good for beginners as it will look good in easy crisp cottons. 

Shirring, I hate shirring. Down with all shirring. Nice if you like shirring. 

Lovely sundress, the piping adds a nice touch. Love the white and black version on the site.

Retro apron, kill me now, I LOVE IT! This needs to be made in black and white polka dots with a giant white bow. Plus it has pockets, although I've never used my pockets while cooking. Has anyone actually used pockets white cooking?
Jamie Christina also makes the Palooza and Pretty Ditty aprons. Check those out if you need n+1 aprons.
The hooded scarf. I can't decide if this is genius or ridiculous. Good if its raining and your gorgeous wool coat doesn't have a hood cause it would have totally ruined the 60's vibe you were going for! Sorry, tangent. I like it in the darker blue on the website better, looks less like a pair of sweatsuit pants that you've wrapped around your head. 
Chic as hell. And I love being able to sew gloves instead of knitting. Double pointed needles are evil. So is the magic loop (sorry Kelly!). BUT....
Fingerless gloves are the most impractical things on this green Earth. Any time you are going to wear gloves its because it is cold and you're going to want to keep those long, thin phalanges warm cause they are the first thing to go in a chilly wind.
Still, chic as hell. Maybe you can wear gloves underneath, that's practical, right?
First of all, love the name. Second of all, love me a good cape. Wonderfully impractical, would go well with the Dalliance gloves!
Now we get to the meat of the matter.
This is (as far as I can tell) the most recent pattern to the J.C. line and you can tell. Its perfection. The flare at the bottom is crazy feminine and the collar is adorable. Want this in every color, want this color blocked. Want want wan.
  Bow down all, this is the perfect maxidress. The big pattern companies can stop trying to make sad interpretations and the little pattern companies can focus on other things cause this is it. And the pattern includes how to make a simple racer-back shirt. All hail Jamie Christina.

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