Saturday, April 7, 2012

New McCalls Patterns: Summer 2012

McCalls released its new Summer 2012 sewing patterns last week and I have opinions.

So Fashion Star. I got through 30 min before I turned it off and vowed never to watch it again. It was worthless. The 'designs', a word I use loosely here, were extremely basic lines jazzed up in prints and colors. When prints and colors are the only thing making your clothes special, its not good (please not, not saying print and colors can't make something special, but when its your only trick, you're a one trick pony). Its supposedly a design competition. There was none of that. Also what was up with the motorcycles?

Low and behold, to counter Simplicity's relationship with Project Runway, McCalls launched Fashion Star patterns.

Ok, a basic tank dress with a giant sleeve. I like how in the line drawings, if the model put her arm down, her giant sleeve would drag on the floor. Fashion Star, the dress that mops!
 Fashion Star, the sundress whose neckline can double as a summer turtleneck.

Fashion Star, we rip off all the shitty Project Runway muumuu's that keep winning challenges. Michael C. should sue.

Fashion Star, help me, I like this one. But only because I worship this woman:

Pretty close copy, eh?

Belt it to not look pregnant with a soccer team.

Cute skirt, cheap looking shirt. Pretty sure these patterns already exist.

Trendy dress with the colorblocking. Unfortunately, only flattering to a few figures. McCalls embraces patterns that require very little shaping, usually just bags with with zazz. Also, what's up with the McCalls company, Vogue included, having the models pose to hide the clothes? Just have them stand there like the Vitruvian Man, its what we need.

Kinda the same as 6554, right?

What does this dress look like? I don't know. Except maybe what it looks like in a windstorm.

Ugliest thing in the world. At least the other muumuu has some sex appeal. Also concerned that the model got 5 months pregnant in the course of 3 minutes of modeling. 

Crazy simple tank dress. The racer back is better than the not.

Also, do this look...
 a lot like this?

Super cute! And it comes in cup sizes!

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