Sunday, April 1, 2012

Independent sewing patterns

A couple of days ago, I had the luck to stumble on two independent sewing pattern companies and boy! are they cute. Let's take a look!

Not my style, but there's nothing like it which I respect. Would look great and sassy on the right lady.

Sweatshirt dress with supah-cute details?
Pockets, notched neckline, the good sense not to add a kangaroo pocket.
This will likely be my first buy from Victory.

And there's the second buy. J'adore bows at the neckline, charmant! The colorblocking is sooooo on trend and can be adapted to no colorblocking, laces, patterns, etc. I love short dresses with long sleeves. This might need work to flatter large busts though.

Again, very cute, a bit more basic. I love what they did with the stripes here!

A shirt! This reminds me a lot of Jason Wu and especially Jason Wu for Target, but now I get to choose the textile and not have it made half a world away. Millions of possibilities too! Love the dress. I think this is really really flattering and feminine.

LOVE the tunic/shirt. The interesting keyhole and textile mixing are fabulous. Love the sleeves. Do I have an arm phobia? Not a fan of the dress. I like it better where the sides are about flow around the body. The dress, with the nipping at the wait and the downward-curved yoke neck make the model's bust look a little sad.

I really love these patterns and I really hope Victory continues to make patterns. I will be buying some of these soon!

So wonderful. There's already a review on Pattern Reviews and they look very flattering. The scallop makes them so freaking feminine I can hardly stand it! Love the hidden side zip to let the other lines shine.

I would have this in a heartbeat if I hadn't bought, a long time ago, a very very similar pattern from Hot Patterns. Seeing how Hot Patterns sizing is WAYYYYY off, I might end up buying this anyway. Gorgeous top. Love the bow, love the way it comes from the collar, love the curved hem. So so so chic.

Ok dress. Nice that it has pockets.


LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. So easy to wear. A basic with a twist. Fabulous and fantastic. Fantabulous! Haven't seen other patterns like it!

Already available from all the pattern companies.

I love this dress and I'm on the fence about it. The bow treatment is so sweet, but I'm afraid it will look like a towel wrapped around the body. The back has structure, but the front falls pretty loosely. Oh shoot, I love it too! 

Pattern Runway is lovely as well and they have great ideas for separates. The name of the company is terribly confusing though. 

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